Thetas Need Blogs Too

Amazing, the friendships I made and still have with a bunch of the girls from the Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta at UWO (University of Western Ontario). I'm thrilled. You girls rock! Some of you I see less often, but I get emails and updates regularly - keep them coming! Then there are also those I haven't seen since graduation...where are you? Shouldn't there be a way to keep in touch with one another and know that you are all happy and healthy?

I must confess this was inspired by another Western sorority's page. Their site included names, stories and celebrations. Time to launch a site for our girls too I thought. I encourage everyone who visits to write comments, include full names (if you wish for google to find you), send me updates and keep in touch! This site is for you. I'll continue to keep the site fresh...and let everyone know what we've been up to.



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