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Lots o' Crocs
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As far as shoe fetishes go I'm pretty average. I've got many different kinds of shoes but I tend to fall into the same few pairs most days. My favourites these days are my new Royal Elastics, some from Fly and a pair of modified Havaianas I bought on a recent trip to Sao Paolo, Brazil. I know shoes are important, but I can bust my flip-flops at work, as long as it's not everyday.

I recently read a quote from one power maven who works at a fashion magazine in New York, her philosophy was you can get away with regular shoes most of the time as long as you wear some deadly heels once a week, just to show everyone you're still "in the game". I think she's right. Tonight I have a stiletto party to go to, so I'm gonna pull out some heels I bought just for the occasion when I was in South Beach for the Music Conference.

So now that you have an idea that I'm not a total sorority girl shoe snob here it goes - what's up with the ridiculous shoes most people wear these days? Crocs - are you kidding me? They're gardening shoes, and they're ugly. I think I actually like Uggs better, and I hated Uggs. I'd see girls in Los Angeles wearing gorgeous summer dresses and Uggs. Somebody send in a stylist.

Do you think Carrie, or any of the girls on Sex and the City would wear Uggs or Crocs? I don't think everyone has to dress super sophisticated all the time, but who wants to look like a clown? Not me.

I'll stick to my cute little white sporty flats throughout the week, and then show everyone I've still got it when I show up in super sexy stillettos at tonight's party. I'll guarantee one thing, Crocs aren't gonna help a woman get anywhere, not into a high-powered career, not even past a doorman.


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