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It's A Croc

Lots o' Crocs
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As far as shoe fetishes go I'm pretty average. I've got many different kinds of shoes but I tend to fall into the same few pairs most days. My favourites these days are my new Royal Elastics, some from Fly and a pair of modified Havaianas I bought on a recent trip to Sao Paolo, Brazil. I know shoes are important, but I can bust my flip-flops at work, as long as it's not everyday.

I recently read a quote from one power maven who works at a fashion magazine in New York, her philosophy was you can get away with regular shoes most of the time as long as you wear some deadly heels once a week, just to show everyone you're still "in the game". I think she's right. Tonight I have a stiletto party to go to, so I'm gonna pull out some heels I bought just for the occasion when I was in South Beach for the Music Conference.

So now that you have an idea that I'm not a total sorority girl shoe snob here it goes - what's up with the ridiculous shoes most people wear these days? Crocs - are you kidding me? They're gardening shoes, and they're ugly. I think I actually like Uggs better, and I hated Uggs. I'd see girls in Los Angeles wearing gorgeous summer dresses and Uggs. Somebody send in a stylist.

Do you think Carrie, or any of the girls on Sex and the City would wear Uggs or Crocs? I don't think everyone has to dress super sophisticated all the time, but who wants to look like a clown? Not me.

I'll stick to my cute little white sporty flats throughout the week, and then show everyone I've still got it when I show up in super sexy stillettos at tonight's party. I'll guarantee one thing, Crocs aren't gonna help a woman get anywhere, not into a high-powered career, not even past a doorman.

Theta Summer Pool Party: June 10

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The Toronto Alumnae Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta is throwing some events this summer. Either I've been out of the loop or people just like to get out more in the summer. I haven't heard of an event in ages, so this is something to get excited about and I hope you will all try and make it.

The Annual Theta Summer Pool Party starts at 5pm on Saturday, June 10. Feel free to bring a guest. Please leave a comment and I will get back to you with more details, including the Oakville address.

Stay tuned: On Thursday, June 22 the chapter is organizing a Theta Night Out at the AGO.


Blogging for Theta

Eleven months into my blogging hobby I now have 5 blogs, I’ve created 114 posts and -here’s the BIG NEWS- today I reached 10,000 hits. Thank you all for stopping by, leaving comments (that’s what blogging’s all about) and showing your support for my writing habit.

Feel like going for a spin? FourONEsixSTYLE will take you for a ride around Toronto. Need to know what’s hot in technology and media? Freshtracks will give you the latest news, reviews and breakthroughs. Don’t want to travel the bumpy road anymore? Travel in style when you visit bumpmedia’s travel blog.

Burgeoning blogs include one for my Theta friends from University to stay in touch, and another blog building up to the 2010 Whistler Olympics (I can’t wait).

Highlights of my blog career include getting posted on CBC’s The Hour homepage (thanks for noticing) and getting one of my flickr photos published on a book cover.

Now that I’m feeling like an old time blog pro I’ve also started contributing to an addictive urban blog called blogTO. You’ll catch me posting there at least 3 times a week.

“Where do you find the time?” my friends ask. I know though that if I wasn’t writing I’d go mad. So please, drop by and read my blogs now and then and help contribute to my sanity.